What students say about SGI English school in London

Recently, we held a big competition to win a free English course for one week of study in London with us for any time in 2016… and there are lots of great reasons to be in London this summer!

The main task of the competition was to write your opinion to finish off the sentence: “I want to study English with Saint George International Language School because…”

There were hundreds of entries from all over the world. The most pleasing thing was that so many ex-students of SGI entered the competition to try to win and return to London to study with us. 

English Course In London Competition Winner

Despite all the great comments from ex-students and also all the entries from people who have not yet studied at SGI, there can only be one winner.

Congratulations to Sabrina Izcovich from Argentina (pictured above), who wrote the following as her winning answer:

“I want to study English with Saint George International Language School because I want to learn much more than just English. I want to learn about English culture and way of life and I am sure that SGI can teach me all I want and even more.”

Sabrina has chosen to take her free week in August, so she can take advantage of the new current situation which means that London is much much cheaper for foreign visitors now.

What ex-students say about SGI English school in London

“I spent 4 weeks in the school and I would like to come back very soon! My teachers (Paul, Dan, Jo and Luis) were incredible!” – Bettina from Italy

“I had the best English course ever with outstanding, devoted and fantastic teachers. It felt like it was a wonderful dream which I want to experience again. It would really be a wonderful present if I could come back to that school again and visit London” – Nawel from Norway

“You are the best. I had lessons last year and it was unforgettable” – Ekaterine from Russia

“I love the school and it’s teachers. I have already been twice and it’s a lot of fun” – Annalissa A from France

“This is a magnificent with excellent teachers, classrooms, small groups of students, warm atmosphere and super friendly and helpful staff” – Riccardo M 

“I have been studying English 4 years ago with a great team of teacher in the best atmosphere in central London” – Francisco B from Spain 

“I had lessons and I enjoyed a lot” – Carmine from Italy

“I was there before and it was wonderful!” – Davide

“I have studied for 4 weeks in SGI this year and I really enjoyed and learnt there. They are the best!” – Sandra

“My experience last year with SGI was really positive” – Milan K from Czech Republic

“I went to SGI school last year and I loved it” – Trezieres from France

Student references about SGI London

Maciej from Poland studied English at SGI and has gone on to fantastic academic success at Oxford University. Watch what he has to say (video below) about his time at SGI and what he did in his free time around London.

To read more about Maciej please click here.

Anna from Japan also studied at SGI and you can hear her talking (below) about her English lessons and how she went around London to see the things she loved about English rock music and culture. Read more about Anna here.

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