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Meet our highly trained team

We have a great team here at SGI, with some teachers having extensive teacher training experience from the teacher training courses we run. Some have advanced English language teaching qualifications and Masters degrees in teaching and language-related subjects.

lynette cooper english

Lynette has over 20 years English language teaching industry experience, and has in that time, taught all levels and types of English…

Lynette Cooper

Director of Studies

melissa english teacher

Melissa has been teaching English since 2003 and had worked extensively in Russia and Italy- she’s a fluent Italian speaker…

Melissa Corlett

Senior English Teacher and Teacher Trainer

joanne gaweda english

Jo is a very experienced teacher trainer and teacher. Since joining SGI in 2009, she has become one of our key teacher trainers…

Joanne Gaweda

Senior English Teacher and Teacher Trainer

stephen bell english

Steve, who started working as an English teacher over 15 years ago, is a senior teacher, teacher trainer and manager of the teacher…

Stephen Bell

Senior English Teacher and Teacher Training Coordinator

roger park english

Roger taught in Northern Italy for a year before joining SGI in 2006. He is a key member of the teacher training team, fully involved…

Roger Park

Senior English Teacher and Teacher Trainer

naz sienkiewicz english

Naz, with over 30 years of teaching experience, has been a teacher and teacher trainer since joining SGI in 1997. She is now the chief tutor…

Naz Sienkiewicz

Senior English Teacher and Teacher Trainer