Student Services

assistance outside the classroom

A team that will support you with your needs

Our Student Services team will support you with the assistance you need outside the classroom, throughout the entire duration of your course at SGI. You can speak to them at any time during school hours. We want every student to feel secure and happy at school.
Students who are 16 and 17 are given special care and attention. If you are 16 or 17, you will stay with one of our host families to ensure you are supported outside of school hours. You will be given a curfew of 22.30 and advised of the UK laws regarding under 18s on arrival. In addition, you will meet with our student services team weekly to discuss your experience and any concerns you’re having. For full details, see our pre-course information pack for under 18s.

In each school, we have staff who are trained in first aid, and our team can help long-stay students register with a local doctor. We also have a 24-hour phone number for you to contact in emergencies
your first day

A warm welcome and introduction

On arrival, you will receive a warm welcome and a comprehensive introduction to the school. Here’s a taste of what you can expect on your first day:

You will be greeted by our student services team and given your student welcome pack.

You will receive an introduction to the school and all aspects of your course and stay with SGI.

You will start your lessons and meet your new classmates.

End your first day by attending our programme of social and cultural activities, and meet some new friends. We run a social event every Monday, and you can ask the event leader and other students any questions about staying in the capital.
SGI English School in London
disability support

If you have specific educational needs or a disability, we may be able to provide some help for you in the classroom. Please tell us before you book your course so that we can decide how best to support you.

If you are dyslexic, please tell us in advance, especially if you are planning to take an examination. We can make special arrangements for you as long as we have the information when you book.

health and safety
Your health and safety are very important to us. We follow a clear policy and have risk assessments in place for activities. Our staff maintain high standards as we follow all relevant legislation relating to Health and Safety

Students under 18

SGI students on walking tour activity programme