Studying in the UK

English Courses In London

If you are looking for an English course in the heart of London to learn English, St George International English language school offers a comprehensive range of English language courses to choose from.

For more intensive study, you can choose an English course which combines group and individual tuition. These are known as combination coursesWe ensure that your English language course with us will be a treasured lifelong memory and something you will want to repeat, like many SGI students do.

Study English in London at SGI.

General English Courses
Our General English courses are for those who need to develop all the language skills; speaking, reading, writing and listening. Students are tested and interviewed and enter a class at their current English language level, from Elementary to Advanced.
General English Courses
Our Academic English classes are primarily for those who need to achieve a specific level of English language proficiency for entry requirements to universities and colleges. Our IELTS courses and University Foundation course are among our most popular Academic English courses.
Business English Courses
A wide range of Business English courses are available for those who need to improve their ability to speak and communicate in English within a work and business environment. Specific business skills such as giving presentations and report writing are covered during these courses.
IELTS has become the most popular public English language examination in the world. Our IELTS preparation courses are intensive and focused and ensure that students achieve the grades they require for UK university and college study.
University Foundation
The University Foundation course is a popular route for international students to enter British Universities and Colleges. Achieving the desired IELTS grade, as well as acquiring the academic skills you need at a UK university, are the key aims of this intensive 6 or 9 month course.
English Evening Courses
Already living and working in London? If so, we have a great selection of English evening courses for you to choose from. Running on two evenings a week (6.30 - 8.30), our evening courses include: General English, IELTS, Business English, Pronunciation, FCE and CAE Cambridge.

Other Courses

Intensive English

Our Intensive courses are a great opportunity to immerse yourself in studying English

Intensive English

Individual Tuition

Tailored to the needs of each student, Individual Tuition comes in a range of formats

Private Tuition

Online English

Study from the comfort of your own home with one of our great Online English courses

Online English

English Grammar

Grammar study and knowledge underpins all our English courses whether General, Academic or Business

English Grammar

English Speaking

All our students want to improve their speaking skills and so this is a key objective to all our classes.

English Speaking

English Writing

Specialist academic and business writing courses are available as part-time evening courses

English Writing



We offer a wide range of Accommodation options to make your stay in London as comfortable as possible. From Student Residences to Homestays and Apartments, it all depends on your budget and preference!

Social Programme

Social Programme

Our Enrichment Programme, with a range of cultural and social activities, ensures you make the most of what London has to offer and provides you with rich experiences and the chance to make new friends!


Social Programme

Improve your English with our student blog. Lots of entertaining, short videos, articles and images that are made by our teachers to inspire you to enhance your English skills.

• Standard Course – this 15 hour full-time morning English course (9.15 – 12.45, Monday to Friday) is ideal for those students looking to develop their English in a general way. Many students choose this course so as they can use English more confidently when travelling, socialising or moving to an English speaking country.

• Intensive Course – this popular English course consists of the Standard course in the morning plus a further hour and a half each afternoon ( 13.30 – 15.00). The Intensive course really pushes students to communicate in English. Students choosing this course are usually very determined to become fluent with their English for general or possibly academic purposes ( such as speaking assessments at college or university)

• Combination Course – this English course combines the best of both worlds, the dynamism and social interaction of the morning group course with the tailored individual attention to personal needs of the afternoon private tuition.

• Summer School English – Summer is a great time to come to London and enjoy a study holiday. Students choosing the summer school enjoy a winning combination of English study with a superb and varied social programme.

Why study English in London?

Do you know there is round 600,000 people travel to the UK every year to learn English? The UK is the top destination worldwide for English language study, with best choice of English courses for all ages and abilities. And its qualifications are recognised wherever you go. Especially London is an exciting place to live too, with a rich mix of history, culture, global influences and opportunities to learn and progress in any chosen career.

What are the top ten things I should consider when choosing an English course in the UK?

  • Accredited courses that offer great value for money
  • A worldwide reputation for academic excellence
  • Qualifications that are recognised and valued all over the world
  • The biggest range of English language courses in the world
  • Lots of opportunities for further study or career progression
  • The chance to study and work if you want
  • A rich history and culture
  • The opportunity to make friends from all over the world
  • Good travel links around the UK and into Europe
  • It's the birthplace and home of the English language

How do I choose what English Course to study?

Selecting the best course for you is a key decision to make, and often a challenging one. Three courses you should know about: General English Courses ; Business English Courses ; Academic English Courses

• Cambridge FCE - SGI offers this popular Cambridge Examination board exam in the evenings. This exam is primarily suitable for students who are at a B2 ( Upper Intermediate) level of English and want to evidence their level of English on their CV for study or work purposes.

• Cambridge CAE – Another SGI evening English course. Passing this exam shows that the student has achieved a C1 (Advanced) level of English and has a sufficiently high level to operate in demanding academic and professional situations.

• Morning mini-group – The business English morning group (9.15 – 12.45, Monday to Friday) is ideal for individuals who want to improve their Business English Communication Skills, enabling them to perform more effectively in English at work. Confidence and clarity are the key objectives for the Business English student.

• Business Mini Group Plus - this popular course consists of the Business Mini-group course in the morning plus a further hour and a half each afternoon ( 13.30 – 15.00). Students choosing this English course are usually very determined to become very fluent with their English for business and general purposes, and typically want to be able to interact comfortably with other people in English. The afternoon class provides a wealth of interactive possibilities such as problem-solving tasks and group based projects.

• Business Combination – This English course is popular with Business students as you enjoy the energy and dynamism of the morning group class with the precision and focus of the personalised private tuition in the afternoon.

• IELTS – SGI’s IELTS English courses are for those students wishing to enter English medium universities, either here in the UK, or elsewhere in the world, and who require an IELTS score as proof of their English level thus enabling them to pursue their chosen course of study at a higher education institute.