Travel tips for students in London at English summer school

Things students forget when they travel to London

Here are some essential Travel tips for students in London to make your study trip much more comfortable, successful and less problematic. When you are getting ready to travel to study English at summer school, you might be so excited about coming to London, that you might not remember every little thing that you need for your trip. That is just a normal part of travel, I’m afraid. But, these extra tips that you can see in our travel advice video below can make your study holiday get off to a great start because you won’t be running around London while your first English lessons are starting and you are sorting out little problems that could have been avoided with a little advice. All the tips included here come from our students, so it’s really good advice for your trip to London.

Travel tips for students in London

    As well as all the travel tips included, please remember one little thing: it’s the thing that people either pack at the last minute in their suitcase, or they completely forget altogether. It’s your toothbrush! It’s so much easier to make new friends with your classmates when you have fresh smelling breath! 🙂   WHAT TRAVEL ADVICE COULD YOU GIVE TO STUDENTS COMING TO LONDON TO STUDY ENGLISH???   Let us know in a comment below. Thanks.

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