Learn English effectively – be like a dog!

This is PART 2 of how to learn English effectively based on the lessons from the latest viral video dog hero, Walter. If you didn’t see Walter doing his thing in our blog yesterday, just take a look at him in the video…   Here are the lessons we can learn from Walter the dog and how they can help us learn English quickly

Learn English effectively

  1. Know your goal/aim/target
  2. A regular short burst of intense concentration is best
  3. Do not let anything distract you
  4. There is always a way to overcome obstacles
  5. The journey is long and different with twists and turns, but exciting and enjoyable
  6. When you reach your goal, the joy is incredible
  7. Just go for it!

Lessons 1 to 3 were explained in detail in yesterday’s blog, but now let’s look at the remaining rules…

4. There is always a way to overcome obstacles

If you have big problems with English grammar or English writing for your Cambridge exam, or maybe you really don’t know how to do small talk in a Business English situation, or perhaps you think that you should improve your English accent and pronunciation… all of these difficulties can be overcome. If you say, ‘I can’t do it!’, then sure, you won’t be able to do it. But look at Walter! There is a gate in his way to the sea. Does he wait for his owner to open the gate and sit there moaning. No way! He just leaps over it and keeps on going.

5. The journey is long and different with twists and turns, but exciting and enjoyable

Look how many different things that Walter passes. When you are learning English, you will go on a similar varied journey. As you become better at English, the world opens up for you more and more and you will be able to do lots more things in English: watch English films, travel or work abroad without language problems, get a better job or progress in your career, meet new people from all over the world and be able to communicate properly. Learning a language isn’t easy, but the rewards when you are doing it are rich, colourful and full of opportunity.

6. When you reach your goal, the joy is incredible

When Walter jumps in the sea, he could not be any happier. What is your goal in English (see lesson number 1)? Can you imagine how good it will feel when you get there? What will it feel like when you live and work in London? How much pride will you feel when you get your dream job because your English qualifications helped you get there? The learning process will not happen overnight, but the rewards will be superb when you get to where you want to be.

7. Just go for it and enjoy it!

All Walter the dog wants to do is get in the water. It’s quite a long run to get there and he could have easily just thought, oh, I can’t be bothered today. But as he leaps and sprints, you can see that he is enjoying every step of the way. To learn English you must try to have this same attitude. If everything is boring to you, then English learning will be very difficult. If you do something with joy in your heart, the task will become much lighter… and also quicker! If you’re not great at grammar, then listen to a podcast or read a website about something that really interests you. Step away from boring textbooks and do something that you are passionate about – but do it in English. You will quickly notice that your English is improving!   Learn English effectively - live like a dog   If you need more lessons from our canine friends, click on the image to see the whole image and learn how to be more human! 🙂       For part 1 of these effective learning lessons, please click here

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