How to write a quick plan for IELTS and CAE English exams

To improve your results in the IELTS writing exam or the CAE test (or any Cambridge English exam), you need to do a few things well.

You should aim to:

  1. Write accurate English with as few grammar and/or vocabulary mistakes as possible
  2. Write quickly
  3. Answer the question that was asked

To help you write your answer quickly and also to keep your mind focussed on answering the question, you should quickly write a plan before you start writing your answer.

The plan will give you a structure that you can follow and keep you going straight on the line to a good answer, while all the time your brain is getting stressed and nervous because of the natural pressure of taking an exam.

Cambridge examiners often say that a big problem with written work from internationally popular tests like IELTS (International English Language Testing Service) and CAE (Cambridge Advanced English) is that the student did not properly answer the question.

It is common for a student to start an answer well, but then in the middle and towards the end as they begin to speed up their writing as they run out of time, that the answer kind of goes sideways or off-point and the question does not really get answered.

So, in the video below, you can learn a really cool way to write a quick plan that will:

  • only take 2 minutes to complete
  • help you to definitely answer the question that was asked
  • make it clear in your mind all the points you need to write about before you finish

Of course, when you have finished writing you answer, you should ALWAYS go back and read through what you wrote to check for and correct grammar and vocabulary errors (point number 1 above).

In the next Academic English blog this week, we will look at a checklist of things to complete to give a high-level answer for a Cambridge writing test


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