How do I get a Student Visa for the UK?

What should you do to get a Student Visa for the UK (if you are NOT an EU citizen)?

The Student Visa application process can seem to be extremely complicated and it can be difficult knowing where to begin.

However, Tommi (the Student Visa Administrator at SGI London English School) is the man to go to if you have any UK Visa questions. He is here to help you and make your Student Visa application as smooth as possible, so that you can come (from outside the European Union) and study with us in the UK.

Remember that if you are a person from an EU country, you do NOT need a Student Visa to come and study English in the UK.

In the video below, Tommi explains the process of Visa applications for students, including all the necessary documents that you will need to have so that your application will be authorised by the UK government.

To see a video on the 4 different kinds of Student Visa for the UK, please CLICK HERE

Tommi explains how you need to prove your level of English, normally done with a copy of your IELTS exam test results. Also, you will have to show that you have financial support to help you while you are studying in the UK. Watch the video for full details.

Remember that if you can not see the subtitles, click on the CC button in the bottom right hand corner of the YouTube video box to be able to read everything that Tommi is saying.

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