English vocabulary: Word of 2014 – VAPE

For all of you English students out there that love learning the latest vocabulary, the Word of the year for 2014 according to The Oxford Dictionary is the verb ‘to vape’.

The definition/meaning is ‘to smoke an electronic cigarette’.

The pronunciation for the ‘ape’ sound is like ‘grape’ or ‘tape’.

If you like vaping, then apparently, you are a ‘vaper’.

So, next year when the new Star Wars movie is released, look out for lots of Darth Vaper jokes!  🙂

This choice of vocab for the word of the year though is a bit strange because only a few weeks ago, I wrote another article about ‘the word of the year’, but that was from Collins dictionary.

It is a totally different word, but in my experience it is MUCH MUCH MUCH more popular and common than ‘vaping’ and I bet that you have even done this word.

Can you guess what it is? CLICK HERE to find out this much more used piece of vocabulary. Perhaps The Oxford Dictionary needed to choose a different word to make a difference between them and Collins to try and sell more dictionaries.


Real and Relevant English vocabulary

Whichever word that you think is best/more common, you will be sure to learn them if you come to study English in London with our lovely teachers.

We always try to use lesson material that contains real and relevant language. We teach you English as it is spoken today, so that you can really improve your communication and understanding of English… especially if, for example, you need to communicate in Business English with native speakers for your job.


The other words that Oxford said were very popular this year and entered their famous dictionary were normcore, contactless and indyref.

Normcore – dressing in a boring, untrendy way is the latest fashion statement

Contactless – paying for an item with a credit card or mobile phone by ‘hovering’ your payment device over a scanner

Indyref – is an abbreviation of ‘independence referendum’ which refers to the vote that Scotland had this year to see if they wanted to be independent from England and not part of the UK. They didn’t!

I don’t think that indyref will be such a common word in the future. But if we look back at some of the previous ‘words of the year’, we can see that some become ingrained as part of everyday culture and conversation, while others slip away into obscurity.


2013 – Selfie

2012 – Omnishambles

​2011 – Squeezed middle

​2010 – Big society

2009 – Bailout

2008 – Credit crunch

2007 – Carbon footprint

2006 – Bovvered

2005 – Sudoku

2004 – Podcast

Do you know this vocabulary? Have you ever said these words? I bet that you have used ‘selfie’.

If you are not sure about any of the above words, leave me a comment below and I will explain for you.


Do you want to find out what the 2015 word of the year will be?

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