20 Day English – Day 20: Passive sentences grammar quiz

Passive sentences are all about changing the focus of what you are talking about.

For example: Somebody stole my bike (this is a normal ACTIVE sentence)

Subject, verb, object

Subject = Somebody (the person doing the verb)

Verb = stole (the past simple of ‘to steal’)

Object = my bike

But I am not interested in that horrible ‘somebody’. I am MORE interested in my poor little bike.

So, by changing to a sentence with passive grammar, the whole focus of what I am saying changes.

My bike was stolen. (This is a Passive sentence)

If you want, you can continue the sentence, to say ‘who did the action’, but usually the ‘actor’ or the ‘agent’ doing the action is not important, or you do not know who did it.

My bike was stolen by a !%$@!#¢ª¶†€ thief

Another textbook example:

The cat from next door scratched my dog (Active sentence)

My dog was scratched by next door’s cat. (Passive sentence)


Let’s turn a normal SVO (Subject verb object) active sentence into a passive sentence one more time. This time we will change the grammar from the past (like the examples above) into the future.

My manager will write an email to her (ACTIVE: S = my manager, V = will write, O = an email)

PASSIVE = Subject (which used to be the object of the active sentence)  +   to be  +  past participle

An email will be written to her by my manager  (PASSIVE)

Good luck with this final 20 Day English quiz today!

We hope that you boosted your English skills and will come back to SGI’s Student Blog soon for more English quizzes and challenges.


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