20 Day English – Day 19: Third Conditional English grammar quiz

Third conditionals (sometimes called Type 3 conditionals) are sentences where the speaker is thinking about the past and how it could have been different.

So, normally a 3rd conditional sentence expresses some kind of regret.

This grammar construction is sometimes known as a ‘true hypothetical’ and that is a good description because we are always talking about somehow changing the past, but as no-one has invented a time machine, it is impossible to go back and change the past, so all 3rd conditional sentences are therefore 100% hypothetical

Third Conditional Formula and Example:

If something had happened   =   this other thing would have been the result

If +  (had + past participle)   =   would have + past participle

If he had known she was coming home early, he would have made her a nice meal

The 2 parts of the sentence (the clauses) can be switched around/reversed with no difference in meaning. For example

He would have made her a nice meal ihe had known she was coming home early.

Good luck with this tough third conditional quiz today!

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