Yuya practises his interview, big walk and no rain, Scary Zombies and Posh Afternoon Tea

This week Amy took about 25 students to the pub on Monday, and Yuya got to practise his 30 seconds of Japanese / English interview. He has been chosen to feature on the SGI website, and wanted to test his speech! Amy said there was a bit of confusion in the ordering of beers, and apparently that could have been caused by some Spanish people!! AAAh those Spanish people! 😉 On Tuesday, Owen and his loyal companion Jess took a group of around 25 students on a walk along the River Thames, under the bridges. For once, he was spared the rain and so the walk was very enjoyable, as we are actualy having some pretty mild weather here at the moment! Good old impredictable British weather! Due to popular demand, on Wednesday, Gavin was back with the sequel to 28 Days Later, the British Zombie film. It attracted a good number of students, but in the end, the general opinion was that the first film was better and less predictable… But then, are there many sequels which are as good as the original film? Finally on Thursday Charlie took the students to St Martin's Lane, near Charing Cross, for an English Afternoon Tea at Brown's. There were quite a lot of people, and they all enjoyed the lovely cakes, sandwiches and pots of tea…. although apparently, some of the scones were a bit dry! Which is a shame, when those little treats are usually sooooo yummy! Anyway, this is it for this week, I hope you enjoyed the events, and don't forget that this weekend the country is celebrating Guy Fawkes Day, with firework displays and bonfires! Don't miss out, and enjoy your weekend!

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