Words for Halloween (Part 2)

Halloween is surely the biggest night of the year for dressing-up parties, isn’t it?

What is the best disguise that you have ever worn to a Halloween party?

Was it something amazingly time consuming and expensive like a Zombie Chewbacca or a Vampire Batman?

Perhaps your costume was something nice and easy like a witch or a classic skeleton! 🙂

Let us know your Halloween story in the comment section below.

I will mark/correct your English for you.

Think of it as a little English homework for today.

If you don’t do it…. I will come to haunt you!!!

Here is part 2 of the definitions of the words from the Halloween vocabulary video.

Watch our video of the essential words that you need for Halloween, then read the vocabulary definitions below.

For the words that you see in the video from A to L, please CLICK HERE FOR PART 1 of Halloween Vocabulary.


Monster – a large, ugly and frightening imaginary creature

Moon – the natural satellite of the earth. The moon can be seen at night and makes Halloween feel spooky!

Nightmare – a bad dream that frightens you

Pumpkin – a large, round orange fruit. People carve out the middle of pumpkins and cut a scary face into the side. Then they put a candle inside. This is called a Jack O’Lantern and people put them on display for Halloween night.

Scary – frightening, causing fear

Skeleton – the bones inside a human body

Spider – an eight legged arachnid. They spin webs to catch prey. Lots of people are scared of spiders and they are closely associated with Halloween decorations

Spooky – sinister, creepy, scary or ghostly

Sweets – sugar things to ea that children love. Children collect these as part of ‘trick or treat’

Trick or Treat – a children’s custom of calling at local houses on Halloween asking for sweets. If they do not receive sweets (or candy in the USA) then they do a small prank or try to scare the people. ‘Trick or Treat’ is what the children shout as a greeting when people open their front door to them.

Vampire – a dead body (corpse) who leaves his coffin in his grave at night to drink the blood of living people. He bites the necks of people with his fangs.

Web – a network of fine threads made by a spider. Spiders’ webs are very common in Halloween decorations

Werewolf – a person who changes into a wolf when there is a full moon

Wicked – evil, bad or extremely unpleasant

Witch – a woman with evil magic powers. She always wears a black cloak and pointed hat and flies around on a broomstick

Zombie – a dead corpse that comes back to life and attempts to bite living people to kill them and also turn them into zombies

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