Will My Child Be Safe At English Summer Camp In The UK?

If you are thinking about sending your child to a summer camp in the UK to learn English, then there are specific questions that you should know the answer to in relation to the safety of your child.

Of course, you want your teenager to have a great time, make new friends and really improve language skills while they are at English summer school, but while your child is away in a foreign country, every parent’s first concern is obviously for the safety of their loved ones.

English Summer School Safety measures

At the SGI English summer camp for teenagers (this year in the incredible location of Ardingly College in the English countryside) the safety of every student is our number one priority. Our English school measures in place so that should the unlikely situation of anything not nice happening, then there are systems in place so that your child will be safe and comfortable and also that the parents back home can feel assured and informed about any situation involving their child.

If there is any issue at summer camp, one of the first actions that must happen is that there is immediate communication with the parents, so that they are fully informed and can make any necessary decisions themselves once they have all the information.

Regarding student welfare, in order to enable clear communication between the school and the family back home, parents are provided with a 24-hour phone number with direct contact to the course director.

Here are the 5 most important questions any parent should ask regarding student safety abroad while at Language School or Summer Camp.

Below each question you can find the answer from SGI, so that every parent can be assured of their child’s personal safety at our Teenage English Summer Camp.

1. Are the teachers trained in First Aid?

There will be at least 2 SGI teachers trained and qualified in first aid treatment on the school site at any one time including weekends. 

Soteria and Jessica who will be the SGI English teachers on site and Marija (who will be the SGI Centre Manager) all have a First Aid certificate from St John’s Ambulance.

2. If someone is hurting my child or he/she is being bullied, what will happen?

If this unfortunate type of situation does happen, then at first, a child must speak to a member of staff. This can be their principal teacher, or any other SGI teacher on site, or the SGI centre manager. Alternatively, if the child prefers to speak to their parents, then the mother or father may contact the Course Director on the 24 hour phone number mentioned above.

All of this will be outlined in the Welcome Pack that everyone receives by email as soon as a course booking is made. These procedures (about what to do if there is a problem) will also be clearly explained in the induction that every student will attend on their first day at summer school.

As the ratio of teacher to student will be a maximum of 1 teacher to 10 students, it is hoped that the SGI staff will immediately be aware of any incorrect social behaviour. They will eradicate that situation in the proper manner, whilst reporting it to their supervisor and centre manager.

3. How can a parent help their child if there is a problem?

All parents receive a 24-hour contact phone number for the course director and can speak about any issue concerning their child at any time.

4. How do you select and screen your teachers?

The teaching team for SGI’s English Summer School at Ardingly College have been selected from long-serving members of SGI teaching staff. They have been chosen for their:

  • Great English teaching ability
  • Clear natural ability to interact with teenagers and give proper supervision
  • Enthusiasm and positive outlook
  • 100% Reliability and common-sense
  • Youth – all teachers are in their 20s, with the exception of centre manager, Marija who is older.

In addition, all SGI teachers dealing with children at the Summer Camp have had an enhanced criminal background check (Disclosure and Barring Service from the UK government) which proves that SGI staff do not have a previous criminal record, and that they have never been registered as sex offenders.

During the training process for Summer School staff, the issue of appropriate physical boundaries will also be highlighted.

5. What accreditations does your school have?

SGI has been teaching English in London since 1962 and has always maintained the highest standards. This is reflected in the school’s excellent industry accreditations from The British Council, The Independent School’s Inspectorate (the UK Government’s inspection body for language schools), Trinity College London, University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, Quality English global association.

Furthermore, Saint George International is licensed by the UK Government as a ‘Sponsor for Tier 4 Student Visas’.

These are the highest accreditations that an English language school can achieve in The United Kingdom.

Questions about English Summer School for teenagers

If you would like to ask anything about the SGI English summer camp for teenagers at Ardingly College in the UK, please contact Linda in the SGI office.

Linda Colney

Email: ​lcolney@stgeorges.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 207 299 1712

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