What student visa do I need to study in the UK?

“Do I need a visa to study in the UK?”

This is the most common question that SGI’s Student Visa Administrator, Tommi Muttonen gets asked.

The answer is yes and no!

If you are from the EU (you are a European Union citizen) then you do NOT need a visa to study English with us in London.

If you are from a nation outside the EU, then yes you will need a Student Visa to study English at SGI, or at any other language school or educational institution in the UK.

However, there are four different types of visitor visa for studying. In the video (below), Tommi clearly explains the 4 different types of Student Visitor visa to enter the UK:

Student Visitor Visa:

You must be 18 and you can only study for up to a maximum of 6 months

Extended Student Visitor Visa:

You must be 18 and you can study for between 6 months and up to a maximum of 11 months

Child Visitor Visa:

You are under 18

Tier 4 Student Visa:

You are 18 or older

You want to continue studying after your first course (example: after studying an English course in London with SGI you might want to continue studying at a university anywhere in the UK to do a degree course). This visa is the correct choice if you come to SGI to study on our University Foundation course in preparation to make an application for a UK university.

To enter the UK with a Tier 4 Visa, you must already have a good level of English. You must be able to prove (when you apply for the Visa) that you have a B1 Intermediate English level.

Tommi explains more details about the Tier 4 Student Visa in the video.

In the video, click on the CC button to see the subtitles in English of what Tommi is saying.

To see Tommi explain the Student Visa Application process and what you should do to get a visa, please CLICK HERE

University Foundation Course

Did you know that our University Foundation Course is extremely successful?

Every student that has completed the course has gone on to find a place at a university in the UK.

There are 2 entries to this course in the year: September and January.

You study IELTS every morning and cultural studies in the afternoons. Your progress is helped by your own personal tutor who will guide you through aspects of London life, English improvement and your UCAS application form choices.

If your dream is to study on a degree course in the UK, then this is the course that will help you reach that goal.

Please CLICK HERE for more details on the English University Foundation Course.

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