What is SGI English school like? Student testimonial on video

Is SGI a good English school?

Well, actually, SGI is much better than ‘good’. According to the most recent group of inspectors from the British Government, SGI is “outstanding”.

If you are trying to work out ‘which is the best English language school in London’, then one of the first questions that should be answered  in terms of quality is, “Does the school have the proper accreditations?”


SGI London is certified by The British Council, Quality English, The University of Cambridge and the UK government’s body called,  the International Schools Inspectorate. These are the top accreditations possible for an English language school. SGI not only holds these accreditations, but also retains them year after year after year with excellent reports and comments from these regulatory bodies.

If a language school has top accreditations, you are somewhat guaranteed to have an good learning experience.

However, the extra little things that all go into the mix are super important and this is what makes SGI a very special little school.

Listen to what an ex-student, Anna from Japan says about her time studying English with us in central London.



Anna says that SGI is brilliant for its location. Well, you could not be any more central than where we are  – just 5 minutes walk from Oxford Circus underground station (see the map here).

It’s a great little district north of Oxford Street. You have TopShop, Nike Town and all the big impressive shops that you would expect right there on Oxford Street, then there are lots (and I mean, LOTS) of little cafes, coffe shops and places to eat.

At lunchtime, the area is really really busy as hundreds of people come out of their offices (lots of media, advertising, creative companies have offices here) to grab some food for lunch.

Despite being right in the heart of London, SGI is located in a really quiet street opposite a little church, even though it is just seconds away from this lively lunchtime hot spot.


As Anna said in her video testimonial above, the teachers are great as SGI. Why? Well, SGI is also a teacher training centre of excellence. So, some of our senior teachers train new teachers every day of the week. This means that they constantly review (and are reminded of) ‘best practice for classroom technique’, which our students greatly benefit from.

Also, when there is an exceptionally gifted, natural teacher on the training program, then SGI selects them to start working in the school. This means that only the very best teaching talent in London can be found in an SGI classroom. As the most recent International Schools Inspectorate said in their report about SGI, “teaching is outstanding“.

SGI is not a big corporate school that treats students like numbers. Even though we have been teaching English since 1962, we are still a family owned and family run business. We are small enough to care that every student has the best possible time in London and we know every student by their first name.


In this video review, you can hear Maciej from Poland talk about his time in London at SGI and his memories. Also, how he has used his incredible English to continue on and be very successful in higher education at Oxford university.

There is also a video here of a Russian student, Tatiana from Moscow. If you are a Russian speaker, you can read Tatiana’s original review in full in Russian

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