What do you do in the IELTS exam? IELTS test details

If you are going to sit the IELTS exam, then it’s very important to know what things you will have to do in each part of the test.

When you know what kind of questions the IELTS test will throw at you, you will have a much better chance of increasing you IELTS band score to a high level.

In the video below, you can see the full details of the exam of all 4 parts: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

Here are some key facts that are very important because they usually give problems to students in the IELTS test:


4 recordings that you hear

Problem: You only hear the recordings once, so you do not have a second chance to check your answers


40 Questions to answer based on 3 long articles

Problem: Students spend too long on reading the articles and do not finish all the answers within 60 minutes


2 Questions to answer. Task 2 has more points than Task 1.

Problem: Students take far too much time writing the answer to Task 1 and then almost no time left to answer Task 2 (which has more points)


3 Different Parts which last in total for about 15 minutes

Problem: Students do not say enough, especially in Part 2 (The Long Turn) where you must speak on your own for about 2 minutes…. which is a long time in a foreign language in exam conditions!

Please watch the whole video for the full IELTS test details….


At SGI London, every student on our IELTS courses sit a full IELTS test EVERY Thursday. Then our specialist IELTS teachers mark their tests and give all the results back to the students on hte next day, Friday.

This is brilliant practice for the exam because all of our students:

  • become accustomed to the different type of IELTS questions
  • become accustomed to the amount of time that you have to answer the questions
  • understand what their current IELTS level is
  • know how much they have to work to get to the IELTS band score that they need
  • can speak personally to their IELTS instructor to find out how they can improve their English for the exam

To find out more about our excellent IELTS exam preparation courses, please CLICK HERE

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