Welcome to London, Afternoon Tea and Ten Pin Bowling

The beginning of the week saw myself and Danielle taking around 35 students to The Adam and Eve for a drink. Once orders and drinks were done, everyone sat down for a chat on life in London, IELTS exams, football and the disastrous boat party from the Friday before. Unfortunately by the time everyone had arrived the boat was already at capacity and the students got turned away. I’ve promised them there will be more and that I’ll make sure they get tickets in advance next time, but also warned them that in London you need to be early as it’s never as easy to get into clubs and parties too late.

On Tuesday Danielle took another very large group for traditional afternoon tea at Browns in Covent Garden. We took over a large part of the restaurant and it seems that everyone had a lovely time. They ate loads of scones, cakes and cucumber sandwiches and judging by the amount of texts and pictures Danielle sent me, no one had a better time than her! The experience did highlight the rules and etiquette of tipping in restaurants and how it is polite to leave a little extra when paying,  but it also highlighted how society now expects a tip/to tip regardless of whether they gave good service or not.

Yesterday myself, Charlie and Ben took another large group bowling. Many were new to the experience but everyone picked it up fairly quickly. We established that Charlie is not a great bowler, but can handle his own at pool, whereas Ben gets rather competitive but lost to one of our students, Nori, and had to buy him a drink. We stayed out for a good few hours after the game and played pool, had a few drinks and ate some onion rings (which was again another first for some). We’ve discovered my weakness is pool and that I wasn’t just hustling when I said I really wasn’t any good, but the funniest part of the evening was Rina missing the white ball around twenty times before potting a great shot.

I had to include this picture that was given to me by one of the students who went to the London Dungeons on the social last week. I had to include it just for the look of sheer terror on teacher Charlie’s face, it’s been the source of a lot of amusement this morning in the staff room.

All of those going to Pacha tonight, have a great time. Enjoy your weekend and see you all Monday.



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