Welcome Drinks, Winter Wonderland, Greenwich Walk and We Will Rock You!

Monday kicked off with nearly 40 students joining Jon, Hannah and I in the pub for the usual welcome drinks and catch up. There was talk of students leaving and how their time in London has been as well as lots of photography going on. We chatted about class, London life and good pubs. On Tuesday Nick and I took 12 students to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It's a lovely Christmas market with stalls selling trinkets, German sausages and mulled wine. There are also lots of fair ground rides and two of my students decided they were brave enough to go on one which spun you right up into the sky and round and round for about 3 minutes! It was a very cold afternoon and we finished off with beer and hot chocolate in the pub to warm up. On Wednesday Owen did his Greenwich walk which I hear was really interesting. With temperatures reaching freezing, students found it a bit too cold to be walking round but it helped them keep up the pace. They saw the meridian and one of them said it was a shame it gets dark so early as they couldn't see a lot of the views. We Will Rock You was the theatre/musical this week. With great songs from the Queen repertoire and dancing galore it's a great night out. My students seemed to enjoy it and even sang along in places. Have a great weekend whether you're Christmas shopping or going out and see you all next week.

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