Welcome Drinks, Walking Tour, London Streets, Football & Theatre! What more could you ask for?

A busy week on the social again, but am I just repeating myself?? On Monday, Kevin & Tim went to the pub with a BIG group, and they went to a different one, for a change. This one is called the Adam & Eve, and is still very close to the school. The drinks on Monday are very popular, they're a great way to relax after a first day at school, to meet different students from different classes, and to practise our lovely language a little more! On Tuesday, Owen took the lead and, accompanied by Alex, took a large group of students to the Southbank for a walking tour, seeing London from under its Bridges. About 29 people came along, and they were fascinated by Owen's stories about the area, especially the heads on sticks around the Tower of London!! That was when London was at its most welcoming!!     On Wednesday, Tim & Alex again went to the Museum of London. Still a big group, around 25 people. They went through the whole place, and particularly enjoyed the Victorian shop facades, through which you could walk, you could also go and sit in a typical Victorian pub… and the Great Fire of London video was also very interesting… Finally on Thursday, we had two events: Football in Kennington with Gavin, Charlie and Kevin: They got absolutely soaked! It was "raining cats and dogs!!" They still played the full match though, and some commented that they actually really enjoyed playing in the rain. The final score was around 9-5 to the students, although Gavin maintained that it was thanks to him, as the England team was winning to start with, but when he decided to join the students' team which was struggling, the game took a big turn, and the Rest of the World were victorious! Secondly, a little later, students went to the theatre to see Blood Brothers, a great musical about two brothers in Liverpool who are separated at birth. The story follows their very different lives until they meet again. Very powerful and emotional!               On Friday we had a little party… but I will dedicate a whole post to that one, so stay tuned for pictures and anecdotes of the SGI Southbank Party! I will also add pictures to this post, but the camera has gone on a Thames boat tour today!


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