Welcome Drinks, Walk, Theatre, Tate Modern and A Boat Trip

On Monday Dan and Danielle took the students to the pub for the usual Welcome Drinks. It was quite a quiet drink compared to usual. There was a lot of talk about Japanese culture, where to buy the best Sushi as well as the Paralympics and how inspiring they have been to us all. On Tuesday Owen took five students on his famous Soho Walk. They learnt about the area and the seedy shenanigans that can go on there, but they also learnt about the history and the thriving businesses. All in all, it was a very enjoyable walk. Afterwards Owen came straight back to the school to take everyone to the theatre to see Julius Caesar. An interesting play that tackles race and other issues but some found it hard to understand as it was in Shakespearean language. Owen did tell them he doesn’t understand it all either! Wednesday saw Vanessa taking a few students to the Tate Modern. They saw some interesting pieces of art, but as usual there were questions as to whether a lot of it really counts as art, which of course prompted the discussion, ‘what is art?’! Julia and her students were lucky on Thursday as the weather held out for a lovely afternoon on a the river Thames for the boat trip. They caught the boat at Westminster and went down towards Tower Bridge, here some students disembarked whilst the others stayed on to enjoy the commentary the captain gave about the sights and history of London on the Thames. If you are going to Thorpe Park tomorrow, enjoy yourselves, it’s going to be a lovely hot weekend.

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