Welcome Drinks, Walk, The Imperial War Museum and Shakespeare’s Globe

On Monday Tim and I took around twenty five students to the pub. There were a lot of new students. We discussed the conversation classes and how as teachers we have to adapt to the whole classes needs as well as London weather. Not many people stayed very long after their free drink as some had already found a place in Portobello Road that sold pints of beer for a pound. On Tuesday Owen and lovely little Jess took people on the 2000 years of history walk. They went through central and Bank, they were lucky as they managed to avoid the rain and all in all it sounded like they had a lovely time. On Wednesday Neil took a few students to see the Imperial War Museum before it shuts its door for renovation and new exhibits. The Holocaust exhibition is still as harrowing as ever and Neil was moved by the whole thing despite having been there numerous times.


The Taming of the Shrew was on the agenda for Thursday as Owen took a group of Students to Shakespeare’s Globe. They had standing tickets right in front of the stage so had an amazing view despite a few achy legs! The language was hard for many to understand but the general gist was there and they seemed to really enjoy Shakespeare’s greatest comedy. Have a great weekend.

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