Welcome Drinks, Walk, Mamma Mia, Museums and Dungeons!

On Monday Ben Hannah and I went to the pub with the students. There was a couple of mix ups over who wanted what drinks and the most we really talked about was the difference between Ale and Beer and what Hooch is. There was talk about how my name is Russian would be Sash, but as I am English and live in London that I’d rather stay Alex if that was alright with them! On Tuesday Owen, Jess and I took the students on the Soho walk. We were joined by Jo and her one to one. We started near the school and ended up by Big Ben. We learnt about the IRA bombing London, Dr Jon Snow and his helping to cure the cholera epidemic and we saw the guards changing at The Horse Guards Parade. It was a lovely walk and I really enjoyed it so I hope everyone else did too. In the evening Owen took 10 to see Mamma Mia at the theatre. We thought that no one would be coming, but there was a surge in ticket sales, so everyone trotted off to see it after the walk. The music was fantastic and everyone in the theatre got up and started dancing at the finale. On Wednesday Dan and Hannah went to the British Museum with a group of SGI students. Dan absolutely loved it and raved about it most of the next day. His favourites were the mummies and mummified cats and falcons?! He also started making loads of dubious facts to tell the students whilst Hannah ran around trying to explain that he was joking! Thursdays London Dungeon trip was cancelled as sadly there was not enough interest. A shame as it’s a really fun and interesting thing to do. Jo went with her one to one student and they both loved it. There were live rats and got sprayed in the face with water and Jo went around screaming more than anyone! They saw Jack the Ripper and learnt a lot about the plague and the Great Fire of London. Tonight is Lost in London’s Halloween party – the best dressed can win a trip for 2 to Edinburgh. Watch out for posters and more information around the school for SGI’s Halloween party this coming Wednesday.

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