Welcome Drinks, Walk, Bowling, English Tea and the Theatre!

 On Monday myself and Marija took 35 students to the Adam and Eve for welcome drinks and a chat. Marija got into a discussion on living and working in London  and how difficult it can be to move countries and start afresh. I managed to get into a slightly less meaningful conversation on good drinking games, but the conversation moved on to discussing the upcoming Easter party on the 30th March and ideas of what we could do. The party has now been planned, details will be up in your classrooms with more to follow.

Owen is back at the school after his long trip abroad and to celebrate, he took Danielle, Jess (his lovely little poodle) and some student on his 2000years of London walking tour. It was a beautiful day for it with temperatures in London reaching the late teens, which is normally unheard of for this time of year. They went to all the touristy areas like St Pauls Cathedral, but also got a lot of insider tips and interesting facts from Owen. On Wednesday 'Golden Balls' Ben earned his title by winning bowling against Jonathan and the students with a massive score of 130! Everyone seemed to have a great time with a lot of my class becoming quite competitive. They took up three lanes and enjoyed a game whilst chatting away. Jonathan has admitted bowling is not his sport when he ended with a miserable score of 40! Thursday was a busy one for us at SGI with Julia and Dan taking everyone to Browns for traditional afternoon tea. I have to admit I got a little jealous when Dan sent the picture through  of them all having cakes and scones! Yesterday was also the theatre trip to see Blood Brothers at the west end. Everyone really enjoyed it despite not understanding all the words, and I hear that the dancing and singing was fantastic. A must see according to one of my class. Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you on the socials for next week – check your classrooms for details…  

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