Welcome Drinks, Tour, Camden Market and The London Dungeons

On Monday John and I took around twenty five students to the Adam and Eve.  We chatted about the Paralympics closing ceremony, life at SGI as well as getting to know the new students at the school. We were offered some m&ms by one of the students who had been to the store in Piccadilly earlier in the day. It seems he knows a lot about m&ms after comparing them to the store in New York! Tuesday saw Marija taking a group down to Trafalgar Square for the Lost in London sightseeing walk. They were in a bit of a rush and did manage to lose a student on Oxford Street after she decided heels weren’t the right attire for a walk! They enjoyed the tour, saw the Houses of Parliament and Downing Street and had a good laugh along the way. On Wednesday the terrible duo Ben and Neil took the students to Camden market.

They showed them the touristy sights, went round the Stables Market, nearly went into a rather dodgy looking massage shop before ending up in a local pub for a drink and some dinner. Despite some students finding Camden rather dirty, they all had a great time and loved the diversity of London’s infamous market. Vanessa took two students to the London Dungeons on Thursday. Having been before Vanessa seemed dubious about going again but as it turned out they have changed the whole experience and she came in this morning saying that it was rather scary! They loved the experience and went on a couple of the attractions whilst learning about the more mysterious darker past of London.

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