Welcome Drinks, Tea, Royal Walk and Soul Sister!

Sorry I’ve been away but I am back with all the exciting social programme news of the week! Monday was a Bank Holiday, but despite this Nick still took a few students to the usual pub for a drink and a catch up at lunch time. There were a few students who kept to themselves whilst everyone else chatted about life in London, English traditions as well as why a Bank Holiday is called a Bank Holiday! On Tuesday Dan accompanied Owen and Jess on a walk through the Royal Parks of London. Tapping into Owens extensive knowledge of London, its Royal history and sheer beauty was a profound and most exciting experience according to Dan. It was full of useful facts and speculative information such as who is Prince Harry’s father, the sex life of Prince Albert. Dan left craving more…he’s already putting himself down for the next walk!

Braving the rain on Wednesday was Danielle and the eleven students that went along with her to afternoon tea in Covent Garden. Despite the reservations regarding English food, everyone enjoyed themselves and the scones and cakes went down a treat. One of the students was wondering why they were feeding them sugar for horses as they had never seen sugar cubes for human consumption! On Thursday, Owen and nine students went to see Soul Sisters, which is about the life of Tina Turner. The music was fantastic and it turns out she led a very interesting and varied life. Well worth a watch. Not many people knew who she was beforehand, but came away loving her music and recommending some songs. This evening Lost in London are hosting another club night at Pacha. Enjoy your evening if you’re going, otherwise, have a great weekend in London with the Paralympics.

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