Welcome Drinks, Tate Britain, Sweeney Todd and a Walk.

Monday was off to the usual start in The Adam and Eve. There were less students than usual but just as much fun. I had a long discussion on celebrity spotting in London, especially around Hampstead, where Noel Gallagher and Madonna have been spotted by students. It was also nice to catch up with some old faces who are back again. On Tuesday Danielle was meant to take everyone to the Tate Britain but accidentally took them somewhere completely different and only realised when one of the students noticed! They all really enjoyed themselves and no one seemed to mind. Danielle felt so bad that she took them all for coffee and a chat afterwards! On Wednesday Owen took a select few to see the Sweeney Todd musical. An adaptation of the film with Johnny Depp, it's a gruesome story of a barber who chopped off his clients heads and then his wife turns them into pies and sells them back to the public. A great and horrible story, but everyone enjoyed it as well as the songs. The walk on Thursday was cancelled due to the bad weather and everyone wanting to stay indoors. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and enjoys the Bank Holiday and Cafe de Paris tonight. See you next week

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