Welcome Drinks, Sunny Thames Cruise, Science & Spicy Food

The social prgramme blog is back after a 2 weeks absence! Indeed I was on a well deserved holiday after our busy summer! Now I'm back and ready to tell you about this week's exciting events!


On Monday, Alex and "recently wedded Julia" took a group of around 25 to the Adam & Eve pub, on Wells Street, around the corner from the school. They had a very serious political debate about whether the UK should join the Euro or not. The opinions were split… Would there be more drawbacks than benefits for us Brits?? We like our good old Pound! And where is the fun in travelling if you don't have to struggle with the different currency in your wallet!?


On Tuesday, no politics: I accompanied a little group to Westminster Pier, next to Big Ben, where we boarded a City Cruise boat for a trip down river. The morning had been quite cloudy, and to be honest, I was dreading the trip a little bit. The river, on a grey day, is not the best place to be… But as it turned out, the sun just made an appearance as we were setting off from the school, and the students were actually complaining that it was too hot and bright!! They were not prepared for this Indian summer day! As we sailed down past the london Eye, under the bridges and past lots of famous London landmark buildings, the boat staff commented on the various sights, making the trip quite funny and interesting! When we got off the boat at Tower Pier, we continued our journey to St Katheryn's Docks, a very nice, secluded area of London where we admired lots of beautiful sailboats and richmen motorboats, and we ended at a lovely pub, the Dickens Suite. Very nice way to end the day! On Wednesday, Alex & Hannah got another big group and went to the Science Museum in Kensington. The group comented on the beautiful buildings which line the street, and then they disappeared quickly in the museum itself. A little while after entering, Alex & Hannah found them all playing in the interactive section, on a device that makes your face look old, or, as demonstrated in Hannah photo, change your sex from male to female and vice versa! Lots of fun! After this, they left quite quickly as the sun was shining, and they fancied being outside…


Finally on Thursday, it was Hannah again who accompanied 6 brave students to an Indian restaurant. 5 French people and one Japanese one enjoyed dishes such as Talis, Byrianis, they also tried the lassi (an indian version of a milkshake) and of course: the Cobra beers. While some students managed to avoid spices altogether and enjoyed their meals very much, other were more unfortunate and spent their time telling Hannah how HOT their dishes were! Oops! They chatted about other types of International cuisine such as Korean and Japanese, which both received lots of praise. They finished their meal around 8 o'clock and then headed their own separate ways. Tonight is Friday night, the streets of London will be very much alive and the pubs crowded, as the summer has finally come back here (yes, in autumn) and absolutely everyone will be out enjoying the sunshine tonight, and whole weekend long! And that includes me! Join us next week for lots of cool things… including Shrek, The musical at a great discounted price! 

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