Welcome Drinks, River Boat, Afternoon Tea and a Win for SGI!!

The school was buzzing this week, it's very busy with people from all nationalities and walks of life! On Monday, Kevin & Hannah took a group of 25 students to the Cock, our local pub, for a free drink. They had a nice time chatting about London, making friends, and relaxing after their first day at the school! What better way to unwind?      

On Tuesday, it was Kevin again, but with Alex this time, leading the students to the banks of the Thames. They took a boat from Westminster Pier, right under Big Ben, and sailed down all the way to Tower Bridge (and not London Bridge – a common mistake..) While on the boat, the staff commented on the various buildings and famous sights on each side of the river – Their comments are usually quite funny! When they got to Tower Bridge, and the Tower of London, they took a little stroll along the river to St Katherine's Docks, a luxury boat harbour surrounded by nice cafes and restaurants. Some students stopped and had a drink with Kevin & Alex, while others went their own way. The weather could have been better, but hey, it is London, and it is particularly changeable at the moment!       On Wednesday, I took a small group of Spanish students to Browns (again!) for another afternoon tea. If you missed it, we're going back next week, with me again! (I quite like this little treat in the afternoon!) We actually treated ourselves to a Champagne Afternoon Tea this time: Cakes, sandwiches, scones and all the trimmings, pots of tea AND a glass of Champagne on top! Some were not sure about mixing all this, but somehow, we managed!!       Last this week, but NOT LEAST: Gavin and Kevin led the SGI Football team to Victory against the corporate world of Capita! SGI won by more than 10 goals at the end of the 6-a-side game.  They were chuffed with the result, confident that they were indeed the better players! On the other team, Capita's Captain only said: "Well played SGI, it was a good game, played in good spirit. We're looking forward to the re-match!" – And so are we!! Next week we have some exciting stuff on! A brand new walking tour with Owen (and Jess the loyal poodle), a fantastic theatre deal… And more! Join us and see!

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