Welcome Drinks, Madame Tussauds, Museums and a Walk.

   At the beginning of the week, Julia and I took the students for the usual welcome drinks. We met a lot of new students and caught up with some of the older ones. Julia sat at a table with the Italians from her class; they were very funny and were trying to prove the ‘Italian stallion’ stereotype is true! There was also a lot of banter and everyone is looking forward to St Georges Day party next Monday. On Tuesday Danielle took five students to Madame Tussauds. This time they didn’t abandon her and they all went round together. They seemed to have a really great time and enjoyed the whole experienced, although they were dubious about the 4D experience at the end.

On Wednesday Julia, Tim and the students went to The Museum of London by Bank. The highlights were seeing how London has grown over the years and learning about the Plague and how it affected the city. They also had discussion on the London Olympics and the advantages and disadvantages of it being held in London. At the end the Italians took great delight in seeing a Vespa! Despite the rain on Thursday Owen, Jess and Charlie went on the 2000 years of London walk. They saw all the sights and discovered some interesting facts about the city and they were amazed at the different architecture around the city. Tonight the students are off to the Theatre to see Rock of Ages, so enjoy and let us know what you thought. Just a quick reminder that Monday is St Georges Day and to celebrate this along with the schools 50th anniversary year, SGI will be having a party. Check classrooms or speak to reception for details. There will be free food, drink and live music. We hope to see you there. Have a great weekend!    

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