Welcome Drinks, Camden, Viva Forever and Soho

On Monday Ben took everyone to the pub for a drink and a chat to start the week off. They talked about tennis and how in China they are absolutely obsessed with it and how football is completely corrupt. Some rather controversial topics! Due to the cold weather and snow a lot of people kept to hot chocolate over having a nice beer and no one stayed long as they wanted to get back home to warm up and rest.

On Tuesday Jon took some students to the famous Camden Market. After feeding them some facts, he showed them the Good Mixer which used to be a famous haunt for Blur in the Brit Pop days and more recently before her death, Amy Winehouse. They went to the Lock and spent 20 minutes watching the barges go through and the water rising. Due to the cold it was also a trip cut short. Wednesday saw the first SGI showing of Viva Forever the Spice Girls Musical. I was sad I missed out, having been a fan in my youth, but I heard it was fantastic with some great songs and dancing. A shame it wasn’t the real act though. Owen braved the everlasting cold weather and took the students on his Soho walk on Thursday. Starting off by the school and ending up by the Houses of Parliament.  He shared some interesting facts, including some on the IRA bombings in London years ago and how London and Soho have changed to a much better peaceful time over the years. For those off to Pasha this evening, have a fantastic evening. We’ll see you all next week feeling refreshed and raring to go for another week of learning!

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