Welcome Drinks and Bowling!

On Monday, Nikki and Jon took a lucky few to the pub. They got their drinks and sat down for a good old chinwag. They were comparing smart phone apps although I am not sure which one came out on top, I will have to let you know, but they did take a few pictures with the ‘fatbooth’ app, have a look at what Jon would look like if he ate too many pies! They also discussed Yan’s football team he plays for and Ha Young and Takehiro wrote everyone’s names in Japanese and Korean for them.


Tuesday’s sightseeing trip was cancelled due to the bad weather in London. No one wanted to get wet or ill so I will reschedule it for another time. On Wednesday Charlie redeemed himself when we took the students bowling. Charlie won the game for his side and Yan won for the other side. It was a lot of fun and there were quite a few strikes and spares. Afterwards we played a couple of games of pool, it turns out I am improving and I even managed to win one game! Charlie taught a few of the students how to play and a very long game ensued! Thursday’s trip to the science museum was also cancelled as the two that did want to go decided they would rather go by themselves then with a teacher! Shows how popular we are! Next time…. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and see you all Monday bright and early!  

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