Welcome Drinks, a Walk under the Bridges, The Greatest Museum, and some Rock!

This week on the social: Gavin & Alex were on duty on Monday, and off to the Adam & Eve pub for the usual welcome drinks. There was a good crowd and discussions were mainly regarding life in London as a student. Life can be difficult here as a student because of the cost of travel and life in general, but it was also agreed that this is a great city, with a really good nightlife, and something for everyone, every style, and every mood!     On Tuesday, Owen got a big crowd for his "Under the Bridges" walk. We have a large group of Italian students this week, and they loved Owen's stories, anecdotes, and the fact that he knows so much about London, and not only what you can find in guide books. He'll be doing the Soho Walk next week on Monday, followed by drinks at the pub (courtesy of SGI) so join in if you're around!       Wednesday saw Gavin again, leading 35 students to the British Museum. He guided them to the mummy exhibition, and there, students paused for a minute, confused… "Why are there Egyptian Mummies in the "BRITISH" Museum?" – Now that is a good question! They expected to discover the history of Britain, but this museum holds a huge collection of foreign artefacts. Some say that the British have stolen all these beautiful objects from their original countries… Some argue in response that if Britain hadn't taken these objects, they would have been lost, destroyed, or sold for profit to wealthy collectors, and therefore, the British Museum protects them, and make them available for the public to see… Make up your own opinion!     On Thursday finally, Students got tickets to the Queen Musical: "We Will Rock You!" – I had some very positive feedback from my students, saying the costumes, the music, the staging were amazing, and they understood the story well, despite it being told in English. This shows that you don't need to be fluent to enjoy the theatre, so join us next time… (next week we have Thriller! on Wednesday) The weekend is now starting, it's 16.50pm and the students have almost all disappeared, along with their teachers, and I will soon be going too! We'll have another great social programme next week so look out for Owen on Monday going around the classrooms with Jess, and hear all about it then! Have a great weekend!

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