Welcome Drink, Jack the Ripper, Wicked and Afternoon Tea

On Monday Jon and I took 30 students to the pub. We had a lot of new students this week who were interested in how the school is run and who also told me they loved the idea of the social programme (bonus!). A few of the students had been set a task in their lessons to prepare a presentation so we spent a bit of time looking at slang to do with pubs and came up with some great but sometimes obscure language. Tuesday was Owen’s famous Jack the Ripper walk in the East End. Willy went along with them on his first social walk. Everyone loved the stories and again were surprised to hear that ‘Jack’ hadn’t actually killed that many people yet is so infamous. I’ve been told that Owen was brilliant and really kept everyone entertained with his knowledge. On Wednesday there was a musical theatre trip to see Wicked in Victoria. A great story that runs parallel to The Wizard of Oz. Everyone enjoyed it and really began to identify with the witches. A great production and a must see for anyone who hasn’t been to see it yet. On Thursday Jon and Vanessa took a group down to Covent Garden to have afternoon tea at Browns.

There were around 18 people and despite not having a booking there was plenty of food for everyone. The scones were fantastic as were the different types of cakes that were piled up along with the cucumber sandwiches. A great afternoon that everyone enjoyed. If you have tickets to Guanabara tonight, have a great time. It’s a fantastic bar with a lively atmosphere. Otherwise have a great weekend and see you Monday.

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