Ways of saying ‘often’: Why do we always buy things?

This text is about why we buy products. Different ways of saying often are highlighted and explained at the bottom. Don’t forget to do the quiz and answer the discussion questions.

  Going shopping can often be expensive nowadays. The prices of products and goods are frequently high in most shops. Sometimes when you go in a shop you only want to look at their products. However, more often than not, you purchase something. Why? Shops and shop assistants use different sales tactics:

1) Flattery

Compliments work on everyone. Shop assistants consistently say positive things about you and how good their products are for you. They may say that you look amazing in one of their shirts or how fashionable you look using their latest iPhone. Time and time again this really works.

2) Guilt

We all like helpful staff who answers our questions and tell us information. A lot of customers feel bad about not buying something when an assistant is very nice. This happens repeatedly in shoe shops because the assistants have to find bring you the shoes. After you have tried on the 5th pair you may feel guilty and just buy one.

3) The last product

Some assistants say that they only have 1 product left, like the last laptop or pair of jeans. They by and large tell you to buy them quick because there are no more. You see this online when you book rooms in a hotel. On a regular basis, the websites say ‘1 room left’ and suggest you ‘reserve now’. This is commonly used in sales when prices are reduced.

4) False discounts

The big sales are typically after Christmas. Some prices are reduced by 50% or even 70% so you can find very cheap products. However, not all of the discounts are real. The original prices are sometimes increased so that shops can afford to reduce them to the normal price. This regularly happens with cars.

Ways of saying often

Frequently More often than not Consistently Time and time again Repeatedly Normally By and large On a regular basis Commonly Typically Regularly [poll id=’42’]

Discussion questions

  1. Do these tactics work on you?
  2. Do you know any other tactics?

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