Walk, Thriller, Drinks, Tea and the London Dungeons!

This week started off with Hannah and I going to the pub for the welcomes drinks and catch up. This week we only had about 10 students. A lot of the students didn’t come as they weren’t happy about paying for their own drinks, but those who did had a great time. We talked about weddings, travel and places to visit in the UK. Hannah also showed everyone her food blog ‘Cook Eat Dream’ and we started talking about our favourite recipes. It was a lovely start to the week. On Tuesday Owen took the students on his ‘Under The Bridges’ walk which starts at the Thames and shows the history and life of London by the river. An interesting tour which showed the, some of the ancient and modern buildings of London. Later on in the evening Owen took them to see Thriller the Musical. It’s a fantastic show, almost like a concert where there are 6 different people who play MJ including a little boy, a woman and a dancer who does the famous Moonwalk! Everyone had a great time.

On Wednesday Danielle took a group of Japanese students to Traditional Afternoon Tea at Browns in Covent Garden. They did a lot of comparing between English and Japanese Tea but they all drank English tea with milk in it and liked it! the salmon sandwiches were a hit as was the fruitcake which they decided had alcohol in it. On Thursday Nick took a group of 9 students to the newly renovated and relocated London Dungeons, which now sits beside the London Eye and the London Aquarium. They had a great time learning about the history of London’s torture and seeing the costumes and actors. They all had a bit of a fright at one point or another. Have fun this evening if you are going to the club night otherwise have a great weekend.

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