Wacky Science, Punks in the Rain, Green Ogres and the usual welcome drinks

It's Friday again, and… it's raining! – Actually, wait, is it raining? Is it sunny? What is happening to the weather this week, it's SO changeable!! Everyone is confused, students and teachers alike… Anyway, on the social programme it was a good week! On Monday, Kevin took a little group to the Cock, as usual, and welcomed the new students into the school by offering them a drink! They had a few pints and a chat, all in English of course! This free drink event happens every week, on Monday at 3.15pm, and it's a great little treat, for all the people who have just arrived, are a bit lost, a bit tired, and don't really know anyone. They get to chat and hopefully make friends for their time at SGI! On Tuesday it was Dan, (soon to be married, coming back from his Stag weekend – pre-wedding celebration) who took a little group to the Science museum in Kensington. First they went to the medical exhibition, where they were all impressed by the big iron lungs! (lungs=part of the body that helps you breath). Then they listened to Pathe, the BBC's predecessor in News Broadcasting. They were able to listen to the RP pronunciation (the Queen's English) and voices in different frequencies! Finally they went on to the "Launch Pad" – the interactive physical science exhibition. One student managed to scare Dan, coming at him from the other side of a big magnifying glass! They ended the visit with the science show, where they watched the construction of a suspension bridge. Wow! That's the science museum! On Wednesday, Julia took over, and headed to Camden Town and its Market. They were unfortunate though, and it started raining soon after they'd arrived. it wasn't ideal, but the students still enjoyed seeing all the different types of clothes on offer, and people's interesting dress sense! Finally, they had a funny moment, when Julia and a student had to listen to a market stall person explain his art in very basic Italian (eventhough Julia and the students were speaking English!) – Well he made the effort! Finally yesterday, 13 students and Owen had a treat! For £22.50 they went and saw the brand new SHREK musical in the West End. They had a fantastic time, and said the show was terrific! All smiles when out – Thanks Owen! This is it now, the weekend is calling. Join us next week for more free drinks, some strange medical instruments, a play by Shakespeare at the famous Globe Theatre and finally, a little curry! Have a great weekend!

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