Volunteering words: Volunteering in the UK

This text is all about volunteering in the UK. Some useful phrases about volunteering are highlighted and explained below. Don’t forget to answer the quiz too!   Voluntary work is common in England.

When I was at high school I worked in a retirement home once a week. Then, I did meals on wheels where I travelled around our city delivering hot food to old and disabled people. Whilst I was at University I registered at the local voluntary centre and did lots of interesting things. For instance, I helped kids learn to read in schools and organised weekend trips for refugees. To get more young people involved in voluntary work every May there is the Scout Community Week. It is a time when members of the scouts volunteer to help their communities. There are always lots of community projects to work on. The scouts do many things like planting flowers, cleaning parks and even painting houses. This has a big impact on towns and cities in the UK. It gives young people something positive to do and sets a good example for others to follow. It’s also good work experience for the young people. The scouts don’t earn any money, they work for free but encourage people to make donations. The money is for their local scout group and also for the national scout organistation. It creates much-needed funds for poor people to take part in scouting, funds expeditions and helps families buy uniforms. All the scout staff also work for free and there are scout groups up and down the country. There are lots of reasons to do voluntary work and you don’t have to be a scout. Every year many young people, students, adults and even older people volunteer in different organisations. It’s a great way to meet local people and do something useful. You also get to practise your English and learn new skills. Whatever your interests are there is a project for you.


For the National Volunteer website in the UK click here.

Volunteering Words

Retirement home
A special place where old people live and are looked after
Meals on wheels
A service where cheap food is delivered to people who cannot leave their house
Disabled people
People whose bodies do not work normally like someone who cannot walk
People who leave their country because it is dangerous
Young people who are members of the scouting organisation
Local people who help each other like a family
Sets a good example
Shows a good image for others to follow
When you give money to a charity
Amounts of money for something like a repair fund
Trips or excursions, often to natural places like a forest

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