Visit to the Museum of London, an English Afternoon Tea and the usual Pub Drinks

Easter is here! Chocolate Breakfast – Lunch & Dinner!

This week I took a little group of around ten to our local pub, and we had our usual free drink event to welcome new students. We had a chat about football, best players, and best looking players… We also talked about the rest of the social programme, and started talking about afternoon snacks, equivalent to our Afternoon Tea: In Spain people apparently eat some sort of dough, dipped in sugar and oil twice, and then covered in chocolate (and we thought British people were unhealthy!!) – In Russia, it's dry fish and beer!! Or sunflower seeds in front of the TV for older ladies… On Wednesday, Gavin took 11 people to see the Streets of London exhibition at the Museum of London. They really enjoyed the photos, and said it was interesting to see how the streets looked 100 years ago. They were also trying to recognise the streets and name them: They thought Gavin was very knowledgable as he was correct each time, but what Gavin didn't mention was that he was reading the small prints under the photos!! Cheat!  After the museum, they went and had a drink in a pub, near St Paul's Cathedrale.  Finally, yesterday, Amy took a group of 9 students to Browns, near Charing Cross, to have Afternoon Tea. They had lovely salmon and cucumber sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and pastries… The tea however was a little disapppointing as it came made with tea bags rather than leaf tea… Apparently there might have been a small drama in the kitchen during the day and the staff were looking a little disorganised! Well, these things happen in a restaurant! The weekend starts now, the school was open this morning, but very quickly now all the teachers and students are disappearing and on their way to enjoy this Lovely Sunny Easter Weekend! Enjoy yours, and don't overdo it on chocolate!

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