Verb Noun collocations: English Butlers are back

English Butlers are back in fashion. Read the text to learn more about this trend and study the verb noun collocations.

Verb noun collocations

Here are some of the collocations from the text with extra nouns which you could use to talk about butlers or similar jobs.   Answer + the door/the phone/a question   Attend to + guests/visitors/your duties   Select + clothes/an outfit/a menu   Manage + other staff/a team/employees   Serve + afternoon tea/brunch/lunch/supper   Arrange + appointments/deliveries/meetings   Order + food and goods/a meal/a drink   Look after + pets and plants/children/the house   Polish + shoes/a car/a trophy   The Queen of England and other rich and important people have always had their own private butlers, but now British butlers are in demand more than ever.   Demand for butlers has changed over the years. At the beginning of the century, butlers were common in the homes of the rich. This number then declined and the International Guild of Professional Butlers says only 100 butlers were employed by 1980s. That figure is now up to 10,000. The same as in the 1930s.   This latest demand is driven by Asia and Russia where British butlers can earn over £100,000 a year. Whereas in Arab countries, it can be double, triple or even be 10 times that figure. That’s enough to make almost anyone think about a career change.   Not only that, but butlers are back in vogue due to the hugely successful TV series Downtown Abbey. So, not only is the career lucrative, but it’s also cool!   The role of the modern butler is slightly different to before. He or she doesn’t just answer the door or bring you your pipe and slippers. They can also act as a PA, chef and even a bodyguard.

Typical duties of a butler

Answer the door Attend to guests Run a bath Select clothes Dress their employer Lay the table Manage other staff Serve afternoon tea Arrange appointments Order food and goods Take messages Look after pets and plants Polish shoes Iron clothes Arrange flowers     British butlers are popular because of their classic Received Pronunciation accent and their Queen’s English. To meet this demand, several butler schools have opened in China to train new butlers.

Advantages of being a butler

You get to live in a mansion, castle or penthouse apartment for free. You have free use of the swimming pool, gym and sauna when your boss isn’t around. You can also get to visit many international locations.

Disadvantages of being a butler

It is hard work. Getting up at 5 or 6 and going to bed at 1 or 2 isn’t easy. You are also responsible for everything that goes on in the house so if things go wrong you are to blame. Another problem is that you cannot say ‘no’ to any demands, however strange they are.   [poll id=’60’]

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