Useful Business Meetings phrases: online English test

Here’s a test of some useful Business Meetings phrases so that your Business English is perfect and won’t let down your performance in the board room. If your grammar is perfect and your Business English for meetings is in tip top condition, then this online test will be no trouble for you. But do you know all the suitable phrases to…?

Useful Business Meeting phrases_blue sky thinking

  • Open a meeting
  • Introduce the agenda
  • State the meeting’s main objective
  • Clarify the timing of the meeting
  • Invite someone to speak
  • State your opinion
  • Interrupt someone politely
  • Deal with an interruption
  • Continue to the next point in the agenda
  • Ask for further clarification
  • Summarise the decisions made
  • End the meeting

BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR ANSWERS – Some phrases look like the correct answer, BUT they might have a very small grammar error! There is only ONE correct answer for each question. If you have trouble with a specific question, ask me about it in the comments section below and I will explain it for you. GOOD LUCK.

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