University Foundation courses in London… A foundation for life

University Foundation courses have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for overseas students to gain admission to British Universities. Either 6 or 9 months and a mix of English language study and subject study, Foundation courses at British-Council accredited language schools have grown enormously in popularity over recent years. There are a number of good reasons for this……

Unlock the language key

Of course the key area of expertise of an English language school is, not surprisingly, English language teaching! Almost without exception, University Foundation course students need to work extensively on their English, not least because they have to achieve a proven level of English usually by way of the IELTS test, in order to enter university. This makes language schools the natural habitat for the international student.

Small is good

Language Schools are small in comparison to universities. Their student numbers range from 80-200 whereas even small universities usually have many thousands of students. This ‘smallness’ has a number of benefits at both the pre-course and in-course stages including….

  • A very quick and personal service to enquiring parents, often in their mother tongue. This is particularly important at the pre-course stage when parents need to feel they are making the right choice for their son or daughter.
  • Class size is often only between 10-15 students whereas university classes are typically in excess of 40. This small class feature is very important to students from overseas, as they particular need that greater degree of personal attention that you get at a quality language school.

Meet the world…..come to London

You can take University Foundation courses anywhere in the UK but the number of students choosing to study in London has steadily increased over the past decade. London of course is simply one of the great cities of the world. There is an energy and excitement about London that quickens the pulse of even the most seasoned traveller…the place for a young person looking to broaden their horizons. St George International offers a comprehensive and stimulating University Foundation Course for overseas students leading to study of primarily business-related foundation degrees at British Universities.

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