‘Unite’ Vocabulary: The Avengers team up

This text is about The Avengers film. Different ways of saying ‘unite’ are highlighted and explained below. Don’t forget to do the quiz and answer the discussion questions.

This month will see the release of Marvel Avengers Assemble, also called The Avengers. Fans of superhero films have waited a long time for this film. It features several popular characters like The Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captain America. They unite to fight an evil villain called Loki and his large army of aliens. Normally, these superheroes fight alone but in this film they join forces to work for an organisation called SHIELD. Nick Fury is the head of SHIELD and thinks that the superheroes can beat Loki and save the world if they team up and all fight together. The film is all about the superheroes coming together and fighting Loki and his huge army. Each superhero has special powers and only by combining forces can they beat their enemy. Thor is a god and has a magical hammer, Captain America is a super soldier and has an indestructible shield, Iron man has robot armour and lots of weapons and The Hulk is super strong. In the trailers you can see all of The Avengers fighting side by side in the streets.  However, these superheroes will also fight each other. We will see some amazing fight scenes between the characters. In the trailer you can see Thor, Iron Man and Captain America battling each other in the woods. This is what fans of the characters and the comic books have waited a long time for. Later in the film the superheroes will learn to work together. It is the only way they can beat Loki and save everyone from the aliens. But how long will they cooperate for? How difficult will it be to work with each other? This is the first time these characters will work as a team but there are already rumours of a sequel. Reviews of the first screenings have been very positive and some say this is the best superhero film ever made. It is released soon so buy your tickets now.

Phrases for ‘unite’

join forces team up fight together come together combine forces fight side by side work together cooperate work with each other work as a team   [poll id=’40’]

Discussion questions

  1. Will The Avengers manage to work together and beat Loki and his army?
  2. Which is your favourite character? Why?
  3. What should the sequel be about?

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