Understand Business English like a native (part 2)

Understand Business English like a native To understand Business English, you need to have good language skills first and foremost. However, language is always heavily connected with the culture it comes from. For example, in China if a businessman says ‘yes’ immediately to a deal, offer or suggestion, it can often end up being a ‘no’. The ‘yes’ is said to save losing face as that is part of Chinese culture in this situation. In the same way, British speakers can seem to be very polite and well-mannered. But in actual fact, the politeness might only be an act. True opinions or intentions might be hidden by words that seem positive. So when you learn English for business, you also need to have an awareness of the cultural background to be able to fully understand everything. So, here are some videos for you to understand the subtle meanings of business English if you are speaking to a British businessman. There is a bit of humour involved here, but also some real truth! 🙂   For videos 1 to 3, please click here for Part 1

Understand Business English like a Brit #4

Understand Business English like a Brit #5

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