Under The Bridges, Welcome Drinks, National Portrait Gallery and 39 Steps.

Monday started off with banter in the pub, Ben and I met some of the new students and chatted about life in London. It was a lovely sunny day and we stayed in the pub longer than usual enjoying the company. We had a brief discussion about the Olympics and how it will affect London. On Tuesday Julia and Owen and his lovely little dog Jess took some of the students on the walking tour of under the bridges of the river Thames. They learnt about the great fire of London, Millennium Bridge and learnt how people who committed treason were hung, drawn and quartered. They finished by bank station after seeing the gherkin and learning that all the panels of glass (apart from the one on top) are flat. On Wednesday

Danielle took 2 students to the National Portrait Gallery where they enjoyed seeing thousands of paintings and pictures of the Royal Family, Celebrities as well as the general public. They all seemed to enjoy it and wondered why more people didn’t come along as they missed out on a fantastic gallery. Thursday saw Owen taking a group to the Theatre to see 39 Steps. Everyone enjoyed themselves and were surprised to find out that the 100 characters in the play were played by only 4 actors which meant a lot of coats and hats being thrown about. It’s a story set in the 1930’s about a spy espionage which made fun of the British and their ‘stiff upper lip’ behaviour. It concluded with a standing ovation at the end. Hope to see you all at the SGI Easter Party Pub Quiz this evening. Have a great weekend.

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