Traditional Afternoon Tea, Theatreland Walk, Streets of London & Birthday Boy at the Pub

Another chilly week, winter is back again, and it's cold!! We went to the pub on Monday as usual, and wished happy birthday to Charles, one of our French students from Lille, which we learned is the party capital of France due to the high number of universities and business schools which are located in the city. I sat with some of our long term students and we chatted about: the price of accomodation in London (high), the dirty French King Louis XIV who never washed, the guillotine, explaining to Asian people that the French invented this lovely execution tool; Valentin also had interesting theories on items which, apparently, the French stole from other countries in the past, such as the Sphinx's nose in Egypt!!!

I also heard that London is better than Paris, and this was coming from a French student who doesn't want to study in Paris anymore! Other events on the social programme this week included the Soho Walk with Owen and his dog… Tilly, not Jess! The group walked through Theatre Land and down to Trafalgar Square. Owen had, as usual, lots of stories about the areas they visited, and he made that chilly walk very enjoyable. On Wednesday Amy took a group to a brand new exhibition of photographs on the streets of London, taking place at the Museum of London. Really good pictures and very interesting! Unfortunately, Amy forgot to take pictures herself! Finally on  Thursday, Charlie took 12 students to Brown's, near Leceister Square, for a traditional afternoon tea. After a brisk walk in the cold, everyone was glad to enter the warm restaurant, and they had worked up quite an appetite: They ate everything on the trays! Sandwiches, cakes, and the ultimate treat: the scones with clotted cream and jam. I keep thinking that I put this event on the social programme too often, but it is ever so popular and I so often hear from students that English food is bad, I make a point of trying to prove them wrong! (and I win with this one) This is it for this first week of March. Next week we have some more cool events such as a visit to the British Museum, 3rd favourite attraction in London, go scare yourself with the mummies, they have lots of them! We'll also have an outing to an Indian restaurant to try and understand why Indian food is now more popular in the UK than the good old Fish and Chips! Join us and find out what else we have planned for you, but until then, enjoy your weekend, stay warm, and we'll see you next week!

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