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English is not an easy language to learn for non-native speakers. Fortunately, there are now more ways than ever to bring yourself up to standard if you want to learn English. Whilst there are a multitude of teach yourself books and CDs available on the market, nothing beats having face to face access to a properly qualified teacher who can guide you through learning the complexities of the language. English schools in London will provide you with professional teachers who can address all of your English language learning concerns. However, if you are about to start a general English course, here are some top tips to help you learn the language as quickly as possible. 1. Listen to as Much English as Possible If you are serious about learning English then one of the best ways to pick up the language quickly is to listen to other people speaking it. Think about how babies first learn how to talk. They learn by listening to the language spoken by the older children and adults around them. Fortunately, it is incredibly easy to listen to English! You can listen to the radio, watch English TV, or go to the English movies. Listening to as much English as possible will help accelerate your communication abilities. Try the SGI Real & Relevant conversation podcasts to boost your English vocab. 2. Talk to Friends One of the benefits of attending general English courses is that you are likely to start making friends with other people who want to learn the language. Try to talk to as many people as possible in English to practise your skills. Take up a conversation with a fellow learner, or talk to friends over the Internet using online video conferencing facilities such as Skype. This will help improve your confidence when it comes to speaking English in real life situations. 3. Start Your Own English Dictionary Every time you learn a new word which interests you, be sure to note it down in your own English dictionary. Invest in a small notebook which you can carry with you everywhere and read through your entries whenever you have some a bit of spare time such as when you are travelling home on public transport. Writing down the definitions to English words by yourself will help lodge vocabulary in your mind, and you can use the dictionary as a guide whenever you get stuck for words. 4. Read English Stories If you are serious about learning English you should really learn how to read the language as well as speak it. Great Britain has one of the strongest literary scenes on the planet, and the small island nation has produced many of the world’s greatest storytellers. Choose a book to suit your own interests, and don’t be embarrassed if you want to read a children’s book such as Harry Potter or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – the important thing is to enjoy what you’re reading so that you come back for more! Find books at a bookshop, or take them out for free from your local library.

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