Top 10 Must-See British Landmarks

Top Ten Must See British Landmarks

For a relatively small country, there are a lot of historical UK landmarks and beautiful landscapes to visit. To get started, here is a list of 10 of the top sites.

1) Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the best known prehistoric monuments in the world. The Neolithic landmark was built in stages with the first henge erected approximately 5000 years ago. The famous stone circle itself is from about 2500 BC, the late Neolithic period. The renowned visitor centre makes history come alive and includes 250 ancient objects.

2) Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament

Big Ben is the nickname for the bell in Elizabeth Tower, which is at the north end of the Houses of Parliament and was completed in 1859. The clock and tower are currently being refurbished so tours are suspended until 2021, but it is still possible to see the iconic Houses of Parliament themselves and even catch a debate or committee hearing if you’re more interested in politics.

3) Buckingham Palace

Another on the long list of things to see in London is Buckingham Palace, which has been the official London residence of UK’s royalty since 1837 and is the administrative headquarters of the monarch. Both the gardens and some of the 775 rooms are used by the Queen for events but during the summer the State rooms are open to visitors.

4) Windsor Castle

The Queen has three official residences and Windsor Castle is another, having been home to the royal family for over 900 years. It is both the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world. It has been called home by 39 monarchs over the years. Located in the county of Berkshire, the castle is open for tours throughout the year, though check before visiting as it can be closed to the public when in use.

5) Roman Baths

In the heart of the city of Bath is another one of the must-see tourist hotspots.

The city was built on natural hot water springs. Around 70 AD the Roman baths were constructed and are now considered one of the best-preserved Roman sites. During July and August, the baths are open until 10pm and are lit by flickering torches, creating a magical scene.

6) Lake District National Park

A mountainous region in the North West, this is the largest national park in England and is now a World Heritage site. It is home to Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England and a number of lakes, including the deepest (Wast Water) and longest (Windermere) in England.

7) Eden Project

Located in Cornwall, this impressive attraction consists of two giant enclosures made of adjoining domes. The largest dome houses a simulated rainforest environment and the other a Mediterranean one. Consisting of thousands of plant species, the project has a focus on education, showing the interdependence of people and plants. The exterior of the domes has a botanical garden that showcases plants native to Cornwall and the UK as a whole.

8) Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales national park was created in 1954. It has outstanding limestone scenery, some of the finest in the UK, including an underground complex of caves. From distinctive, traditional villages built from stone, to beautiful waterfalls and old woodlands, this diverse area shows how landscapes can be shaped by humans.

9) Hadrian’s Wall

The remains of this feat of engineering help bring to life the multicultural frontier that covered the border from one coast to another for almost 80 miles. A relic of Roman Britain, this is a unique monument in a dramatic landscape.

10) Loch Ness

As Britain’s largest body of fresh water, Loch Ness would be worth a visit even without the folklore surrounding it. It is most famous for the numerous alleged sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, which continue to this day. Why not join a boat cruise on the loch and visit the Loch Ness Centre to learn more?

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