This week’s social activities

On Monday, as usual, a big group of students (old and new) were taken to the pub for a welcome drink. This week, accompanying them were Gabrielle and Julia. This took place at lunchtime (1pm) as Monday was a bank holiday, and the school closed in the afternoon.  Teachers and students had a good chat about London, and some Portuguese students gave Gabrielle and Julia some travel tips for their future holidays in Portugal! Information goes both ways! Then Everyone went off to enjoy their free afternoon in london!

On Tuesday Amy and myself accompanied the students to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square. We spent some time admiring the Impressionists Wing, Monet, VanGogh… Then went on to see works by Turner, Constable and other English artists… We stayed until closing time, had a little stroll through the museum shop, took some photos, and went our separate ways! On Wednesday our "Discounted Theatre Tickets King" Owen took a group of around 25 students to watch Sister Act at the Palladium Theatre. They had a really good, fun night! Musicals are great, and the students were impressed by the technical stuff too, like the changing of scenes on stage; and they also commented on how great it was to see the orchestra (half hidden under the stage…) Next week we'll have tickets for "Sweet Charity", another really good show, on Thursday night! Why not put your name down at reception? Thursday's Walk: This week Owen and Gavin took students on a walk which highlighted 1000 years of London history: from the Romans and Londinium to the Skyscrapers of the 21st century. The evening was nice and sunny, which is not always the case, but which makes the walk that much more enjoyable! This week, Owen even brought a special guest: Tilly, Jess's little sister… (Jess is Owen's dog!) All in all, this week was another good week with plenty of different activities to keep everyone entertained!

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