The SGI Summer Party – 19th August 2011


What a great party! And a great venue, I think everyone who attended will agree! On Friday, we headed to the Southbank, and, between the river Thames, the skyline, the London Eye and Big Ben, we were spoiled by a great panorama. As the sun slowly went down, we enjoyed the beers and Pimms provided by the school (until they ran out) and had ourselves a lovely evening amongst the other Londoners coming out to enjoy that great summery night. The Southbank, on a sunny night, is really bustling with life, people from everywhere come and enjoy the river breeze and the relaxed atmosphere. A lot of teachers joined the fun: Alex, Amy, Bren, Charlie, Kevin, Sean, Melissa… and did I forget any? Do let me know… Well, I was here too actually! Jenny!   Bren organised the music, and the Play Your Cards Right game (prizes were distributed quite generously, London memorabilia, sweets…), helped by Melissa, his charming assistant… While Amy, Charlie and I wandered around the place as a Human Fruit Machine!

On arrival, student were also asked if they wanted to participate in the "Guess the Teacher" game. During the past week, all the teachers had been asked what one thing (or person) they would take to a desert island. The answers were collected, and the students on Friday had to match the teachers to their one "thing". Some of them may have had a little help from the teachers themselves! Well, that was the game: Speak to your teachers, without them correcting your grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation for once! The winner was Sara De Mayo, a returning student who we met last year on her first visit. She was rewarded with a little Union Jack school accessories pack! She's ready for her next year at uni!


The last game of the night was Family Fortunes. Last Monday, a survey was done throughout the school to find the most common answers to questions such as: What do people do in bed… what do people lose as they get older… what do men carry in their wallets? These answers were collected, and on Friday, working in teams, students had to guess the most popular answers, just as in the tv game show. The first team was awarded a set of London shot glasses (which I hope they used later on in the night!), the second team will be keeping their feet nice and warm with Union Jack socks, and lastly, the third team will be able to announce proudly and coulourfully that they LOVE London, thanks to their badges!


All in all, students really seemed to have a great night, just a little shame that the temperature really started to drop around 9.30pm, and people did start to disappear… (personnally, my legs started feeling like ice-cubes by 10!) The pictures of the night will be added to this post very soon, and will also be displayed on the school's noticeboard downstairs, so have a look! If you have any pictures, or comments, do share them, or get in touch with me through this blog.


I really hope you had a good time, and I would love to hear from you who attended! Just so you know, our next party will take place around Halloween, so if you're planning a visit to the school around that time (31st October), it may be an idea to bring some sort of scary fancy dress!! Looking forward to the next Big Party! Take care!

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